Everyone Is Invited!

Value Package

Everyone Is Invited!

Let our professional team create a story around your venue! Welcome all Denver Fashion Community to your Venue! Let our team help to promote and advertiser your creative space.

Experience Include:

– 90 minute property photo session

– Interview

– Photo story telling

– Up to 5 models involved

– Up to 10 story episodes

– Up to 5 actors involved

– Mini Promotional video for your business

You will get:

– Up to a Minute YoutTube video

– 30 promotional images with copyrights

– Slide size add for a year at DGARAY Website

– Social Media promo (every month one event announcement on our social

media for a year)

– 6 pages story telling spread

– Glossary spot in DGARAY

– Personal Portfolio Page at DGARAY website

– Web and printed article with copyrights



Business Package

Tell the world your story!


Let our team to create brand around your products and services. We will deliver message to your audience about not only your product and service but your unique experience.

Experience Include:

– Interview with our writer

– 30 min professional Business Session

– 30 min property session

– up to 2 models for the product session

– professional heashot

– historical location or professional studio

You will get:

– 15 professional pictures on the CD and copyrights

– 4 page spread in DGARAY Magazine

– Side bar size ad for a year

– Linked In promotion on our LN page and referrals

Business Advertising

Promote your business!

Introduced local fashion and business community your creative space. Communicate with creative groups all around Denver and promote your business trough our social media, printed issue and of cause word of mouth!

Experience Include:

– professional graphic design a with copyrights

– 1 DGARAY page spread

– 1 Business Head-shot

You will get:

– professional ad design on CD

– small web ad for a year

– glossary space in DGARAY Magazine for 2017 issue


DGARAY Creative

Find your creative team!

Show your beautiful place to the local fashion community. Connect with creative people through DGaray Network!

You will get:

– small ad web space on dgaray.com

– glossary space in DGARAY Magazine for 2017 issue

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