8-9-16 Timeless Beauty 1

Photo Credit: Robin Fulton  *  Model: Caitlin Badinger



     DGaray magazine is accepting fashion, beauty, and creative concept editorials. Editorials that provoke and speak on all levels and senses. We’re always looking for shinning stars; hidden gems. Those individuals that naturally possess a special gift that captivates and inspires, even the non-believer, to dreamer bigger than our dreams. Who are your shinning stars? The world needs to meet them; that’s the only way we change the world. Our musicians, writers, healers, doctors, actors, models, fighters, teachers, singers, and the list is endless. We’re looking for editorials that have compelling stories that come to life & demand to be heard. Please email us at

Review the following guidelines before submitting. All work has to be high quality, original, and unpublished:

Deadline: September 10, 2016 for Timeless Beauty.

  1. Submit 5-8 photos within your series. There should be consistency within the concept and wardrobe should vary.
  2. Credits: Provide names of all the artists involved: Photographer, model, model’s agency, fashion designer, Fashion stylist, Makeup, Hair, creative director, and location.

Resolution: Send all entries in low resolution. Once images are reviewed and approved, we will request high resolution files and send you a copyrights document. Requirements: 300 dpi. Non-watermarked. Jpeg. Portrait sizes: 8.5″x11″ inches (portraits) and Landscape sizes: 17″(w)x11″inches(h)

  1. Video Requirements: 720p or 1080p. Length: 1-6 minutes.
  2. Permission: If you’re not the photographer & are a collaborator. Submit a form obtaining permission copyrights from the photographer, contact information followed by a signature. Also, submit model releases.
  3. Current Pinterest Mood Board: Timeless Beauty
  4. Writers, bloggers, videographers. Do you have a story, an idea, a video that’s speaks our DGaray language? Send us an email to with heading, “I’m a writer. I’m a blogger,” followed by your occupation.


No all editorials will be responded to since it varies on demand.

Once submitted, you give us the right to re-touch them & share them on our social media sites and publications.

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