3rd Annual Alien Fashion Show at Filmore Auditorium – Denver, CO

Alien Fashion Best Model looks                                                                                                                                          Photo Credit: Delmy Gooch

The 3rd Annual Alien Fashion Show presented by Kurt Redeker, owner of Knew Conscious Gallery, took place on October 21st at The Filmore Auditorium in Denver, CO. It was avant-garde runway event with an electric  combination of fashion, music, art, aerial performances, photography,  and an overly stimulated crowd that were transported to a new dimension. An experience were all your senses were stimulated and left you wanting to experince more. Beautifully planned and executed. This is the team that made it come to life:

Executive producer Kurt Redeker; Associate Producers | Erica Silverman & Nicki Burke.

Andrea Li, Made Beautiful, Sarah Ake ,Jade Locke, Alisia Silliman,Nikki Rae Guy, Jennifer Liedel, Sierra WonderLynd
Jami Oliver,  Xavia Schmidt,  Maggie Burns,  Talia Sandoval

Hair | Hazel & Harley Salon- Jade Bajerova, Catherine Choate, Nichole Lafferty, Corinne Fenster, Danielle Wade, Alyssa Stephens, Heather Dizmang, Jana Bajerova, Rhiannon Cornell, Stephanie Aldrich, Alisha Fresquez,
Makeup | Hazel & Harley Salon- Danielle Wade, Bubz Medina, Kent Murphy, Landra Roberson, Megan Davidson, Jordan Hull.

#1 Andrea Li's Best Team Look
#1 Andrea Li’s Best Team Look


Alien Male Show Stoppers


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