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BARBIE VIBES | Styled by Kindra Harris | est.2014
  • Interview with Music Performer Reace Daniel
    DGARAY | How long have you been making music? DANIEL| I’ve been writing music since I was a teenager while hopelessly falling in love and dreaming of my future. I started making professional music, writing songs on guitar, publishing musicals, and recording about five years ago. DGARAY | What do you take away from music? […]
  • Linda Herzog’s New Work of 2018
    Title | Ham Hog   Dgaray checked back in with our first featured fine artist Linda Herzog to see what shes been creating since our first issue. For those of you that are not familiar with Linda’s work, she is a wildlife surrealist that dreams almost all of her paintings. Although she has no formal […]
  • Father John Misty at The Observatory, San Diego CA
      Father John Misty, the alter ego of Josh Tillman performed two nights back-to-back at The Observatory in San Diego, California. Tillman was accompanied by five other musicians that added to the dramatic and empowering show. On stage, Tillman was passionate and vigor with his performance. At many points during the show you almost felt […]
  • Model Life with Mia Felicia
        DARAY | How long have you been modeling? FELICIA | I’ve been modeling for almost three years. DGARAY | What do you take away from modeling? FELICIA | Modeling has taught me a lot about who I am, I originally started modeling to try to get out of my shell and it’s really […]
  • Glass Animals and Little Dragon at Red Rocks
      To be honest, photographing and reviewing this show was so personal and a great honor. I fell in love with Glass Animal’s first album shorty after it had came out in 2014. Their music invoked certain emotions that reminded me of my first memories of bands such as Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, and even Alt-J. […]

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