Linda Herzog’s New Work of 2018

Title | Ham Hog


Dgaray checked back in with our first featured fine artist Linda Herzog to see what shes been creating since our first issue. For those of you that are not familiar with Linda’s work, she is a wildlife surrealist that dreams almost all of her paintings. Although she has no formal training, through the years she has been able to create her look that she call “Wildlife Fantasy”.

Linda was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her passion and love for both nature and animals is reflected in her very detailed oil paintings. While Linda has had many art classes when she was much younger, she has had no formal training. It was through self-experimentation that she has developed her own unique style and realistic presentation of wildlife and landscape paintings. Linda’s paintings are originals and have not been reproduced. She currently lives in Vista, CA where she spends most of her days painting and taking care of her many animals.

Linda’s work has been displayed in galleries throughout Tokyo, Hawaii, New York City, and southern California. Most of her work for the last three years has been displayed throughout several galleries in Napa Valley, California.



Tittle | Delivering Joy                                                              Tittle | Stanley’s Thrilling Puffer Ride


Title | Dowsing the Dragon


Title | Big Pearls and Butterflies


Tittle | Pacman and the Fat Man


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