Interview with Music Performer Reace Daniel

DGARAY | How long have you been making music?

DANIEL| I’ve been writing music since I was a teenager while hopelessly falling in love and dreaming of my future. I started making professional music, writing songs on guitar, publishing musicals, and recording about five years ago.

DGARAY | What do you take away from music?

DANIEL | Time. There are so many memories that are sealed inside each song and style and it allows me to travel and take time to enjoy the sounds.

DGARAY | Where do you see yourself career wise in the music world?

DANIEL | Huge on stage doing live entertainment. I am a Divo. A powerhouse with large theatrics, tons of dancers, and high fashion!

DGARAY | Where did you grow up?

DANIEL | On the beaches of Clearwater, Florida.

DGARAY | What inspires you?

DANIEL | Passion and confidence. When I feel the artistry of others I immediately am inspired and feel it in my core to create.

DGARAY | What are some of your limitations/obstacles do you have with your music? How are you overcoming these limitations?

DANIEL | I would say the engineering of sounds. I have always been musical theater and acoustic guitar so the idea of creating electronic sounds or even just using the computer itself to record is new. I am overcoming it now living in Los Angeles as education and friends are everywhere. Just boought a new Mac Book and am diving head first into learning all that I can!

DGARAY | Are you involved with your community? If so, how?

DANIEL | I am hugely involved with my community. I travel to music festivals all over to perform which keeps me dialed into the culture. I am able to dance and entertain even while just being a member of the audience and that helps me to find even more artists out there as well as fans. I am super involved with the Daybreaker family that creates the most incredible events all over the world with music, yoga, and community which helps me to meet new exciting creatives every chance I get.

DGARAY | What are some of your major accomplishments you have acquired in you career?

DANIEL | I would say publishing a musical that I started writing in high school was a huge one for me just a few years ago, and then getting to have my work performed in a reading with singers, actors, and musicians was a dream I didn’t even know I had. Another one that comes to mind is just recently at One Love Music Festival in California, I was main stage performing in a festival fashion show as the Emcee and singing and dancing to songs I had created made me feel larger than life.

DGARAY | What is your biggest fear?

DANIEL | Being too worried about the future and missing the incredible moments in front of me. So often I think about how successful I will be and miss how successful I already am and miss out on enjoying that beauty.

DGARAY |Whats your favorite thing to do with your time off from life?

DANIEL | Watch movies, eat pasta, and any live jazz I can find.




DGARAY | If you could perform at any festival or venue, where would that be?

DANIEL | Madison Square Garden or Host the Oscars!

DGARAY | If you could travel anywhere in the world where would that be?

DANIEL | I’m craving a journey to Ireland so bad! I might even get to perform at a music festival there later this year, so finger crossed!

DGARAY | If you could have coffee with one celebrity who would that be? and why?

DANIEL | Hands down Jason Mraz. He is my number one musical inspiration as well as human inspiration. He is a word genius, a master of his talent, and I freaking love his music. I teach yoga professionally as well and I truly hope one day to guide him through a flow!

DGARAY | What trend would you like to set or have set?

DANIEL | More Goorin Bros Hats! Or bringing back some theatrics to onstage pop performance.

DGARAY | Who are your role models?

DANIEL | Jason Mraz, Lady Gaga, and Robin Williams.

DGARAY | Have you always felt comfortable on a stage?

DANIEL | I have! I teach young entertainers that feeling nervous is so similar physically to feeling excited. I find that I am often just excited to go on stage and thrilled to feel the epicness of it all!

DGARAY | Why do you want to make music?

DANIEL | To share my energy with the world and make them feel something. I know that my spirit is one that was designed to withstand a lot of energy and I carry it with me everywhere. The more people I meet, the more I can make smile and effect. I want to make music to communicate with as many people possible on this planet!

DGARAY | What do you do to stay fit and healthy?

DANIEL | I practice and teach yoga regularly. I dance often. I eat A LOT of pasta.

DGARAY | What do you do to stay calm and focused?

DANIEL | I meditate and play lots of covers and originals on my guitar. Honestly I often am a high energy being so my calm is pretty playful. I often chill out with music, movies, and friends.

DGARAY | What are you limitations?

DANIEL | I would say right now I am wide open. The world is at my finger tips and I am seizing the opportunities that are right in front of me!



Photography | Danielle Herzog

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