AMZY, Rumours Follow, and Modern Suspects @ The Bluebird Theater



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A giant pink balloon, a shard remnant of a smashed pink guitar, a shirt, a coozie, green sunglasses, and a catchy EP were the material items I left with from AMZY’s sold out show at the bluebird theatre on August 14th 2015. However, I left with so much more than something you can just hold onto from this performance. Absolutely floored by their talent and stage presence, I left with inspiration, ambition, determination, and hope to never give up on dreams I want to accomplish.

AMZY had a very humble beginning playing for an audience of four to becoming hometown for the holiday winners and selling out the bluebird. The work that was put into their performance that night was incredible.





Nothing short of complete dedication to their passion of pleasing fans and playing music, they stole our hearts away with their catchy tunes and infectious grooving on stage. It was hard to not dance along and have fun even if you didn’t know who AMZY was! The stage props added to the excitement of the night with trampolines they bounced on, infinity mirrors synced with music, inflatable raft crowd surfing, and giant balloons all over the place! Visually the performance was a spectacle all its own.


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AMZY will not cease to impress and succeed through the duration of their music career. Seeing them and getting to speak with them is something I will not soon forget. Behind all of the props, charisma, charming stage presence, and captivating music they are just four incredibly demure guys who are genuine and true, and absolutely thankful for their fans. If you get a chance to see AMZY, do it! You won’t be sorry to say: “I knew them when…”


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AMZY Facebook, Website, Sound Cloud

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Rumours Follow Facebook, Website

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Morden Suspect Facebook


Photography by Danielle Herzog

Article by Tatum-Isabel Maisie Russo

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